UK: 100 Muslim hate preachers a year lecture at universities, with 20 of their students convicted of terrorism

The Muslim Issue

Fanatics given a platform to spread hatred of the West despite ministers demanding crackdown on radicalism

  • Last year, there were 132 speeches by extremists at leading universities
  • Led to more than 20 university students being convicted of terrorism 
  • Many places haven’t participated in Government’s anti-extremism strategy
  • University which has had most extremists is Queen Mary, in East London 

Universities are providing a platform for more than 100 Islamist extremists every year, a disturbing report will reveal next week.

The fanatics are being allowed to make speeches at leading academic institutions despite ministers calling for a crackdown on radicalism.

The study says that more than 20 students who attended UK universities have been convicted of terrorism, or have lost their lives waging jihad in Syria.

Scroll down for video 

This graphic shows the list of extremists who spoke at universities and were then convicted of terrorism 

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